About us

Food Design means the design of food.

Egg Food Design is a food design studio based in Milan, founded in 2012 by the architects Laura Pavesi and Luisa Manfrini.

‘Food is for us emotion, sharing, meeting and socializing; all five senses are involved in a real food experience.

The food and the social aspects related to it, are the protagonists in our projects, able to captivate the consumer in a multi-sensory experience.lemon_650We design spaces with a unique and unrepeatable identity places where emotions are conveyed.

Our Studio deals with the creation of food retail concepts for new formats with passion, experience and creativity.

We value the product conveying ideas ​​and company tasks through the design of:

  • innovative consumer systems
  • layout for emotional spaces
  • mood and atmosphere
  • corporate identity

In addition, we create concepts for events where food becomes a means of communication and socialization.’ L&L