GEL MATIC identifies itself as a company that since 1972 operates according to the dynamism and flexibility. Passion and precision, culture and innovation, to maintain standards of excellence at the international level. For this fair EFD has put at the center of its concept, the word socialization. Visitors become spectators of the event SIGEP, within the stand , where machines GEL MATIC become the absolute protagonists.

EFD has designed for this at a booth flexible arrangement of space that comes from organized like that of a stage musical structuring according to three different levels: the hallway floor, stage, platform on the stage.

The stand rises to the top and the attention is captured by three large monitors placed at the most important areas of the stand. The idea is to offer a show, a concert. Crowds flock and growing curiosity and expectation. Loud sounds, colors, fun from the Stage.