A set of boxes to announce and share to potential customers, innovation and technology innovation of new ice cream machines and retail concept in it, so Gel Matic company based in Bergamo, leader in the production of machines for soft ice-cream, presented its most recent proposals to Sigep of Rimini, 36th International Exhibition of Ice Cream and Bakery-pastry.
The exhibition spaces, new machines and the retail concept of ice cream parlors are designed by our study.

The stand was structured through two main areas to each other side by side.
To the left, a staircase full length, compared to the elevated corridor access the imaging area of the machines. White sheet metal stretch panels, a clear reference to the chassis of the machines, comes down from the ceiling. In this total white -as milk- box, a warm accent color in pastel tones ’60s, was given by the new series of compact machines, essential design and technology.

On the right side of the stand followed each three new concepts that showed how to insert and customize the machines within a space of sale and consumption. The first, White, is an ice cream shop with operator, with white lacquered furnishings in Provencal style. The second, Ice Cream & Milk Shake Serve, is inspired by the ’50s. The last, Frozen Yogurt & Ice-Cream self-service, evokes organic and green.